Entry #1

The Return Of George

2015-12-11 10:39:44 by TheGeorgeChannel

I started uploading my George cartoons onto this site back in January 2011 under the username SAMSCOOLCOMICS. I posted 6 little shorts on here and then completely disappeared from the site for about 5 years. You wanna know something freaky? My last post was on January 11, 2011....so in other words...1/11/11. There were many reasons for my disappearance. I was in college at the time and had a lot of work to do. I also later became involved with a community radio station called CoveFM. I'm still a volunteer radio announcer with them but lately I've been more involved in creating my own little cartoons. In August, 2015, after being heavily involved with CoveFM for the last few years and being deep into the music exploration phase, a wave of inspiration hit me again and I felt it was time to bring George back, and since the summer, I've been devoting a lot of my free time to making new cartoons! I like to get a new video out every week. So far the videos you've seen are from the summer and early fall, which is why you're seeing a bunch of them coming to ya at once. Thankyou for watching them and giving your rating! I very much appreciate it! Cheers and happy creating!



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2015-12-11 14:24:16

I love your toons! lol I'll keep an eye out for them!

If you ever need an extra voice, feel free to give me a shout!

TheGeorgeChannel responds:

For sure! I will definitely keep that in mind, good sir!


2015-12-14 13:55:09

Are you going to port all of the older cartoons to this one via HTML5

TheGeorgeChannel responds:

I've thought about it and...I'd like to have that my channel is all new material, though on my YouTube page, I have my throwback videos posted there.